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How to Fix the Camera Shaking Problem on Your iPhone

The problem is supremely annoying — the shaking camera affects both video and stills alike. Videos have a waving, pulsing, jelly-like quality to them, while photos get a heavy dose of motion blur. It only occurs on the rear camera. The front camera works fine.

I started looking into this by reading some forums and determined that there are plenty of others who have experienced the same issue. In fact, the previous model iPhone 6 even had a recall for it. I punched in the serial number to see if we qualified but unsurprisingly did not, as it’s a different model altogether (although the same issue, and one that Apple should be addressing).

In the same forum, How Can I Fix iPhone Camera Shaking Problem? I tried it, and it worked! It led me to suspect that the shaking is from a failing optical-image-stabilizer function, causing the lens to shift around wildly as it tries to hold the position. The magnet seemed to lock it in place, which would work for some scenarios, but not in darker environments where it really helps to have the camera steadying itself electronically.

Apple made an announcement after the launch of the iPhone 6s Plus devices that there is a defect in the iSight camera of some devices that have been sold. Apple has provided the serial numbers of the devices that have the defect in the camera, on their website.

These devices can be taken to the Apple care center and the camera of these devices will be changed free of charge. The new iSight camera will click clearer images and will not have any camera shaking problems. However, there are a few people who are still suffering from these problems even if their device does not fall into the category of serial numbers provided by Apple. Hence we have provided you with the quick fix for the iPhone 6s Plus camera shaking troubles.

Force the camera app to close then restart.

Forcing the camera app to close can also be helpful if the camera app is not responding or glitching and that all its features including autofocus are not working as intended. Here’s how it’s done:

Forcing an app to close is highly recommended if the app suddenly becomes unresponsive. After quitting all your background apps, launch the Camera app again. When you’re in the camera viewfinder screen, try doing these:

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